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Washington, DC Metro Area


DevOps Engineer and Web Architect. Sr Systems Administrator with 20+ years of diverse experience in academic, corporate, finance, non-profit, and US Federal government environments.

Excellent team player, mentor, and team lead; documents, shares information, and enhances processes. Clear communication style, resulting in the development of innovative business solutions that exceed client expectations.
Outstanding knowledge of hardware and software products; demonstrated ability to manage contributions from team members. Dedicated to maintaining cutting-edge technical skills.
Consistently recognized by managers, clients, and colleagues for ability to effectively manage all details of critical projects with a commitment to service, while working within tight deadlines and budgets.


VM: Work in vSphere 4/5/6 enviroment, experience with ESXi, PowerCLI, Horizon View 6/7, vCloud Director, vROps, vRNI. Also have prior experience with VirtualBox, xen, KVM enviromnments.

UNIX: 19 years of Solaris system administration. Experience installing and administering many packages: NIS, DNS, gnu utilities, Legato Networker (Solstice Backup, Sun StorEdge EBS), Solstice Online Disk Suite (4.x, Sol9 & 10 VM), Veritas Volume Manager (2.1, 2.3, 2.5). General administration tasks, such as NIS user and group administration, host and network setup, desktop and server installations, backups, disk space monitoring and management. Extensive hardware troubleshooting skills for Sun hardware: Sparc and Ultra desktops, Ultra Enterprise and SunFire servers.
Previously administered Linux (Red Hat), OS X, SGI, HP, DEC. Network setup, identifying and minor troubleshooting of routing problems. Financial industry experience, 2nd level trading floor support. Government sub-contract work (no DoD clearance).

Certs: SCSA, SCNA, and SCSecA (Solaris 10); RHCSA (RHEL 5); Network+; Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH v7); VMware VCP-DCV, VCP-NV, VCP-2019-NV


Administrative Office of the US Courts, Washington, D.C. August 2008 - current
VMware Solutions Architect (contractor) May 2019 - current
NSX Engineer supporting Hosting Services Divison Virtual infrastructure. Daily operations, troubleshooting, upgrades, new environment buildouts, migration to NSX-T (in progress). Also design and operations for vRealize Network Insight (vRNI) platform.

Enterprise Architect (contractor) May 2018 - April 2019
Member of the Chief Operating Officer Service and Business Management Staff from Oct 2018. Part of the Architecture Team, continuing Enterprise Architecture work on Services.
May 2018: Joined Architecture Branch, with focus on Enterprise Architecture. Capturing enterprise information and providing insight for long-term Cloud strategy, design documentation.

Services Architect (contractor) January 2014 - April 2018
Feb 2017: Member of CloudView Engineering team, performed feature enhancements to the 'Cloud and View' services. Included work with VMware Unified Access Gateway, Zerto Replication deployment and validation.
Feb 2015: Dedicated project member for Horizon View VDI solution, multi-tenant SaaS design: View 6, vRA 6, NSX 6.1, vCenter 5.5.2, vROps.
Jan 2014: Engineering escalation for Operations web hosting issues. Member of team focused on transition of Engineering designs to Operations hosting.

Sr. UNIX Systems Engineer (contractor) (Aug 2008 - Jan 2014)
Support for Internet and Intranet web application infrastructure. Prior Solaris 9 environment, migrated to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 (RHEL 5). Project management, team lead, supervisory responsibilities.
Designed web hosting (Drupal, Wordpress) solutions in VMware 4/5 environment. Familiar with tools such as Varnish Cache, nginx, HAProxy, keepalived, RHEL HA. Drupal specific development environment support, tools (git, drush).
Hardware: VM
Legacy Hardware: Sun E250, E450, V440, V880, T2000, Ultra 20; StorEdge 3500.
Apps: RHEL 4/5/6 environment; Apache, Tomcat, IBM WebSphere Application Server (WAS), Oracle BEA WebLogic Server (WLS), AWStats, Nagios, SolarWinds Orion NPM, Splunk, BMC BladeLogic, VMware ESXi, VMware vCenter.

ICMA Retirement Corporation, Washington, D.C. December 2006 - July 2008
Sr. Internet Engineer

Support for Internet facing application infrastructure. Solaris 10 environment. Support of development, test, and production environments; including webservers, web application servers, content management servers, and back-end database servers. 30 servers, fail-over DR site. Migrated from BEA WLS 8 to 10.
Hardware: Sun V210, V240, V440, V490; StorEdge 3510, Cisco MDS switches.
Packages: Expressroom Web Content Management, BEA WebLogic Server 8/10, ODS, CA Autosys, internal process management solutions. Oracle 10g RAC.

SAVVIS, Sterling, VA November 2004 - November 2006
Sr. UNIX Systems Administrator

Dedicated UNIX support of hosted government application infrastructure. Primary Sun StorEdge EBS backup infrastructure engineer. Support of development, test, and production environments: 120 servers, fail-over sites. Environment engineering and tuning, escalation with vendors.
Hardware: Sun StorEdge L700, L100; 280R, V440, V480, 6800; A1000, D1000. Packages: Sun StorEdge EBS (Networker), ODS, Veritas VM, internal monitoring solutions.

Office of Human Resources Enterprise Solutions, US Treasury, Washington, D.C. June 2001 - May 2003
Sr. UNIX Systems Administrator
Support of PeopleSoft (HR) development and production environments. Both OS and application platform upgrades. System tuning, troubleshooting with vendors. Sun E10K environment. Clarify CRM server setup.
Hardware: Sun E10K, 280R, 6500; A1000. Cisco CSS 11500, 11800, SonicWall SSL. Packages: ODS, Legato, Bind, Oracle, Weblogic, Veritas Foundation Suite, Veritas Cluster (VCS), Clarify eOffice 10.1.

Goldman Sachs (Japan) Limited, Tokyo, Japan Dec 1999 - Jan 2001
Equities UNIX Sr. Systems Engineer
Equities Unix support for critical application servers and trading floor Tier 2. Team lead, supported infrastructure (critical servers) and developers (Equities Technology): OMA (Orbix) servers, EWarrant and Moon Trade systems (late night trading), Tokyo Stock Exchange connectivity and Market Data system support. SunOS and Solaris servers, EMC storage, and legacy BoxHill RAID storage hardware. Packages: Internal file management/distribution automation tools, Powerbroker, Kerberos, Orbix, Tibco Rendezvous, Hawk.

Sun Microsystems, Palo Alto, California Mar 1998 - Nov 1999
Sr. UNIX Systems Administrator
Engineering (SUN02-04), Sunnyvale, CA (Oct 1998 - Nov 1999)
Rejoined growing CRM team that maintained a 1,000+ UNIX server ranch. Project support for engineers. Day-to-day responsibilities included server configuration and maintenance, planning and off-hour support. Also supported chip test floor lab environment, included Megatest (Teradyne), HP, and primarily Schlumberger test equipment (ASAP). Hardware: Enterprise 4000/4500 machines, StorEdge 5000, 5200. Packages: HA, Volume Manager, Disk Suite, NIS master, ASAP environments, Solstice Backup.

ENS (MPK16), Menlo Park, CA (Mar 1998 - Oct 1998)
Worked as a building sysadmin again. Supported SunSoft developers (200+ Sun desktops), maintenance and upgrade rollouts of a 25 UNIX server environment. Configuration and setup of servers. Supported standard and development environments (ex: SIMS). Packages: Solstice Online Disk Suite 4.1, Sun Internet Mail Server (SIMS), Volume Manager 2.5, Sparc StorEdge A5000, new internal scripts and support tool rollouts.

Taos Mountain, Inc., Silicon Valley, California Sept 1996 - Jan 1998
UNIX Systems Administrator, Projects Included:

Sun Microsystems: ENS (SUN03)(Sept 1997 - Jan 1998)
Worked as a building sysadmin as well as a resource for internal infrastructure group. Duties included normal sysadmin activities with most previously used software packages and hardware, as well as work on technical projects, scripts, and aiding in planning and management decisions, interviews. Packages: Legato, NIS, scripts.

Weathernews, Inc., Sunnyvale, CA (Jul 1997 - Aug 1997)
Sole Systems Administrator responsible for critical servers, network availability, rapid response. Environment was 24/7, with UNIX systems as critical points to business activity (worldwide weather information distribution, primarily to ships). Helped interview candidates for permanent position. Worked with DNS, NIS+, Volume Manger, Faximum.

Sun Microsystems:ENS (MIL04) (Mar 1997 - Jun 1997)
Maintained approximately 200 users (Sun desktops); responded to trouble tickets, monitored backups and NFS servers. Gained a broad knowledge of system trouble areas and solutions. Installed network printers: Lexmark, Xerox. Part of a small group that did Javastation installs, server configuration for Javastations, and user account modification for a server-based desktop, usable on multiple platforms. Packages worked with: Solstice Backup (Legato Networker), NEWSPrint.

Sun Microsystems: Microelectronics (SUN02) (Sept 1996 - Feb 1997)
Worked in the CAD Resource Management (CRM) group maintaining and enhancing the server ranch used for developing and regression testing Sun CPU chip designs. 600+ systems, in a large server environment. Gained hardware troubleshooting skills, sound knowledge of hardware configurations, UNIX, filesystem problems and solutions. Packages worked with: Solstice Disk Suite, automation scripting, automounter.

Eberly College of Arts & Sciences, West Virginia University (WVU) May 1995 - May 1996
Systems Administrator

Responsible for maintaining and upgrading the College server, adding new accounts, software support, mailing lists, backups, quotas, security. Also installed and maintained the College Web server, and assisted in the design of College Web pages.

Prior Work:
Assistant Systems Administrator Jan 1995 - May 1995
Computer Lab Assistant Jan 1995 - May 1995
Computer Lab Consultant Aug 1994 - Dec 1994

B.S. in Computer Science. West Virginia University,
Morgantown, West Virginia.

International work experience, finance industry experience. Experience in academic, private, and government sectors.
Setup corporation to handle consulting activities in California (1997-2000).
Actively involved in the Association of Computing Machinery (ACM) during school, with positions as the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, and Treasurer during last 3 years of school. Member of the National Student ACM Committee during final year of school. Coach for WVU Chapter's regional programming contest team.
Received an AFROTC scholarship in Computer Science and completed 2 years of Air Force R.O.T.C.

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