Laurent Delfosse - Summary

Laurent began his career path in IT before college, focusing on Computer Systems while attending Thomas Jefferson H.S. for Science & Technology. After surviving TJ, he went to college at West Virginia University and received a degree in Computer Science, with coursework aimed primarily at becoming a software developer. While in school, he was a system administrator, and migrated out to Silicon Valley with this background once he completed his degree. His first position in California was with Taos Mountain as a systems administrator, where he moved from contract to contract, mostly different positions within Sun Microsystems. After moving on to hourly contracting using other contracting companies, in 1998 he formed his own company, The Delfosse Company. Most Delfosse Co contracting work in California was performed at Sun Microsystems, and included everything from internal user and desktop support (Sun), to internal "lab" support of large numbers of Sun servers, to supporting the Sun MicroElectronics chip testing lab. Laurent worked with almost every class of Sun hardware from this period. He was a primary contact for several projects, where he helped manage project servers and resources.

As the dot-com bubble burst, Laurent moved to work in the financial industry, contracting at Goldman Sachs in their Tokyo office. This was primarily infrastructure support and expansion (EWarrant and Moon Trade were implemented during this timeframe). The small team went through rapid changes during this time, and Laurent finished his contract as the team lead for a group which managed Equities UNIX application servers that handled large amounts of financial information in a 24x7 environment.

After the experience of living and working overseas, Laurent returned to the DC area. His first Federal contract was at the US Treasury in Washington, D.C., where they were consolidating the large number of HR systems within the Treasury offices and bureaus into a centrally managed enterprise solution. Laurent worked closely with application developers in this position.
His next position was a government sub-contract at Savvis, where he joined a team providing project support for e-business components of the General Service Administraton (GSA). He also delivered a project on a mid-scale Networker backup solution (formerly Solstice Backup), documented and presented reliability reports to the customer, and trained and transitioned Operations personnel on procedures.
Laurent next worked at the non-profit finance company ICMA-RC. The company's main business is retirement plans for public sector employees (teachers, police, fireman, etc.). 'RC' was in rapid expansion during this period, and this is where Laurent first started to broaden his expertise to include web services and security.

Laurent moved more toward management when he joined a Federal contract with Fulcrum IT Services, a local (Manassas, VA) Federal professional services company. Laurent is currently the team lead on the Web Services support team at the Administrative Office of the US Courts. His current areas of focus are security, web services, virtualization and cloud computing.

Last update: Mar, 2011.

Laurent Delfosse